Sermon Notes                                                                                               Pastor Ken Swett
Romans 7:10-11

                                                            The Deceits of Sin &
                                                         The Delights of Salvation

                                 Strange That So Many Continue Going Back For More Even
                                    Though The Product “sin” Never Delivers As Promised.

1.    The Deceits Of Sin

advertises a blessed life – Psalms 19, 119

A way of life which would be…

________________ and _________________ to God

________________ and _________________ for us

But, Paul says, sin __________________ me.

Sin – a powerful force in man

Sin – a deceptive foe of man

2.    The Delights Of Salvation

- The emptiness, guilt, pain, sorrow sin brings is a sample of an eternity without God

- The joy, freedom, peace, etc. salvation brings is a taste now of eternity with God