Introducing Our Staff



Pastor Ken & Wanda Swett
Senior Pastors
Serving Modesto Foursquare for 29 years.

Pastor Karen Swett, Ed.D.
Executive Pastor
Serving with a love for God, His Word, and His people; with over 40 years of experience in ministry and educational leadership.

Pastor Francisco & Estella Escobar
Templo de Gracia Iglesia Cuadrangular
Reaching the Hispanic in our community with the Gospel; equipping them to minister and serve; and sending them out with the Good News to impact others.

Youth Ministries:

Thomas and Prisma Brown

 Mark Oliver

Children's Ministry:

Jonathan and Adona Jackson
Childrens Ministry Directors

                                     Visitation Ministry:
Ann Van Der Meersche
Visitation Overseer

Ann comes to us with years of teaching experience in the public school system as well as a missionary in Zambia, Africa. She is now devoting her time and attention to those in our congregation that are unable to attend on a regular basis. The desire is to bring encouragement, express our love and care, enjoy conversation, and pray with them.


Missionaries Bill & Debbie Boling
Former staff now serving in Costa Rica as Foursquare Missionary Associates.